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Franklin Academy Athletics

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Franklin Academy Athletics

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6 months ago @ 2:26PM

Newest NCHSAA Update 8/14

NCHSAA clarifications on next steps following 2020-2021 amended calendar release

Friday, August 14, 2020

Dear Conference Administrators,


Good Friday morning to each of you.  I hope by now you have had an opportunity to review and digest the Board of Directors’ approved alterations to the 2020-21 NCHSAA sports calendar.  The response, reaction, and questions we began receiving almost immediately upon the conclusion of the announcement on Wednesday has been immense.  As I mentioned in my comments during the presentation, the release of the updated calendar prior to August 17th was the initial goal of the Board of Directors and the NCHSAA staff in our anticipated return to athletic competition. 


The release of the calendar is intended to give our member schools the framework for the start, duration, and end of a given sport’s season.  The “nuts and bolts” of the playoff dates, format, conference/non-conference competition, dead periods, etc. was excluded from this initial release in an effort to get the information to our membership in an expeditious fashion.  Over the past 36 hours, we have been surprised by the number of questions and situation examples our staff has received regarding these very important factors.  


We have been made aware that many conferences are holding meetings regarding competition, scheduling, tournaments, playoff qualification, etc. even without all of the pertinent information available to make decisions.  I assure each of you that this information is forthcoming but this unique planning takes time and coordination.  Details relative to playoff dates, playoff structure, qualification, etc. will be formulated and reviewed by the Ad-Hoc Committee who discussed and gave input relative to the 2020-2021 calendar.


This Ad-Hoc committee is comprised of 32 individuals who represent the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association, the North Carolina Coaches Association, the President/Secretary of each sport/activity coaches association, conference administrators, school athletic directors, city/county athletic directors, and representing each of our 4 classifications.  All pertinent details of the upcoming seasons will be discussed by this committee in the upcoming 7 to 10 days prior to being discussed and voted upon by the NCHSAA Board of Directors.  


The majority of you will begin the school year on Monday, August 17;  therefore, in an effort to keep all schools/conferences on equal “footing”, we are issuing a temporary moratorium on both conference and non-conference scheduling until the Ad-Hoc committee and Board of Directors have had a chance to fully evaluate the details regarding each sport, conference competition, non-conference competition, previously signed contracts, playoff competition/qualification, etc.  Conferences and schools can continue to discuss and prepare for each sport in an unofficial capacity, but no official schedules should be set until notified to do so by this office.  It is our sincere hope and goal to provide the membership with these updated details no later than September 4th.


Thank you for what you do!  I hope that you have a restful weekend. Best wishes for a successful beginning to your school year on Monday.


Thank you,


Que Tucker, Commissioner



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